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TransCeramica Warehouse and Showroom
1159 West Bryn Mawr
Itasca, IL 60143
P. 630.773.5559
F. 630.285.1109

TransCeramica Chicago Showroom
314 West Superior Street
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Chicago, IL 60654
P. 312.506.2880
F. 312.337.6975



GranitiFiandre's corporate headquarters are located in
Castellarano, Italy in the province of Reggio Emilia.



NewMarmi products are recreations of the world's most desirable marbles, onyxes, and travertines in a technically enhanced product.



Previously unavailable or technically limited granites are now available as NewGranite products with guaranteed superior physical and mechanical performance.




NewStone products are an impressive collection of stones accessible through the unique production process that recreates Mother Nature's quartz-based, slate and general stone products with unmatched durability characteristics.




A one-of-a-kind contemporary product that maximizes the beauty and strength inherent in the products of GranitiFiandre by adding tiny “sparkling” embellishments throughout its body resulting in a fascinating product that imparts sophisticated shimmer and shine.

GeoDiamond . . . novel, shimmering, forever.



Simplicity and geometric shapes blend together beautifully with GranitiFiandre's latest product innovation, GeoDesign. Through the power of water jet designs, diverse shapes are created from exquisite GranitiFiandre products . Surfaces become unique compositions integrating seamlessly into any design project from classic to contemporary.



The vibrant, solid colors of Tinte Unite enliven any environment and are fun to mix and match with other GranitiFiandre products.



From the fine-
grain products of
Graniti to the
products of
these exceptional
products set the
industry standard
for quality and
durability in
porcelain tile.




Transmitting light and warmth, Geologica Luminous Panels are an absolute innovation in the ceramic world providing creative design solutions, beautiful accents and practical illumination to their environment.



For expanded product information, including specific histories, finishes, and sizes for each geologic stone, please see our website at www.geologicausa.com.

GranitiFiandre by TransCeramica, Ltd.
1159 Bryn Mawr, Itasca, IL 60143

phone: 630-773-5559
fax: 630.285.1109

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